Lampropeltis getula holbrooki

A medium sized snake reaching around 5ft in size and can become quite stocky.

Pattern wise they usually have a gold or white dot on each scale giving them their speckled appearance, some can have a crossband type pattern along the top of the snake - this can come from interbreeding with the Florida king.

Both the gold and the white speckled specimens are a beautiful snake.

We are lucky to have a locality from Harris County, Texas which produce very gold examples with perfect speckling and an orange/gold belly - these are also known as Lemon kings.

In the future we will be adding another locality to our collection which will be really nice black and white speckled kings.

The Harris County Speckled Kingsnake is a very rare species found in Texas and is known for it's high yellow/orange colouration - also known as Lemon Kings.  They are very rare outside the USA & I was lucky to be given a pair from a friend in the USA.


Our breeding stock is from Harris County Texas and the original adults were collected by Scott Wahlberg.  Scott collected specimens of this group from one specific field over a period of five years.  The last animal was collected just before the onslaught of bulldozers and total habitat loss.


Our adults exhibit intense yellow coloration on the face, chin and belly.  Body speckles are very lemon yellow.  We consider ourselves to be very fortunate to be working with such special snakes.