Pituophis melanoleucus

The pine snake is a species of nonvenomous snake that is endemic to the southeastern United States.

Three subspecies are currently recognized - 

P. m. melanoleucus - Northern Pinesnake - occurs in southern New Jersey, southern North Carolina west through South Carolina to northern Georgia, eastern Tennessee, southeastern Kentucky and south into Alabama.

P. m. lodingi -  Black Pinesnake - occurs from southwestern Alabama to eastern Louisiana

P. m. mugitus -  Florida Pinesnake - occurs from southern South Carolina to Georgia and southern Florida

Pine snakes are pretty big animals growing to 140-200cm in length and are powerfully built being quite a stocky snake , they can be quite vocally aggressive being able to pump themselves up with air and deliver a very loud hiss!!

But saying that they are reluctant to follow that up with a bite and normally just puff and hiss at you until they are left alone.

They have quite small heads in relation to body mass and is somewhat pointed, pattern wise they have blotches all along the body and colour variations occur throughout different geographical ranges.

I currently work with two localities of Northern pine snake, several different colour morphs of Florida Pine snakes and Black Pine snakes.