Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis

A long slender snake from South America, comes in a variety of colours and is pretty easy to care for.

Pattern tends to be a banded ,striped or aberrant - a few patternless examples exist.

The typical colour and pattern this species is a try coloured snake of black, orange and red bands, but now you can get hypo, tangerine orange, albino,superhypo, ghost snow, anerythristic and Pearl morphs.

There are several aberrant lines available these being the Bailey line and the Crazy line.

We are fortunate enough to have the very rare Bailey line in our collection from the Original Bailey adults, in my opinion these are the best line of abberant Honduran milk snakes in the hobby.

They tend to have an orange background with strong black aberrant patterns with the females being the most unusual - the males tend not to have such extreme patterns.

I plan to introduce over the next few years the Bailey line into the other colour varieties to see how and what the Bailey gene will interact with the other morphs and possible outcomes!

Hatchling Honduran milk snakes are not the easiest species in terms of being handled - they tend to wiggle and worm out of your hands and failing that in an attempt to escape they will bite and hard!

But once they have settled down past their first year they will calm down and stop biting and then as adults they make very docile captives.