Eastern Kingsnakes - AKA Chain Kings

Lampropeltis getula getula

We keep and breed a variety of Eastern Kingsnakes - all from Specific locations and also a striped aberrant line.


Our kingsnakes are from Montgomery, Randalph and Moore  (North Carolina), Chesapeake, West Virgina and a Wide Banded variety from Georgia.


All exhibit a variety of different chain like pattern, some have thin chain links, others slightly thicker and colours vary from white, cream and yellow.


The wide banded retains a lot of the younger colour with  red accents in the chains.

Wide Banded morph


This particular Eastern kingsnake comes from South Georgia, you can find them in Brooks, Colquit, Cook, Coffee, Echols, Lowndes and Tift counties.


The bands or chain like pattern are much thicker than other Eastern kingsnakes and cotain varying amounts of orange in the white bands.


The Echols and Tift county varieties are rare as not many are seen in the wild, this could be due to habitat destruction or being bred with other species to form intergrades.


We are lucky to have pure Echols county adults in our collection.

The Striped Line originates from some unusual looking specimens from South Carolina namely from Edisto and Orangebury which is only 50 miles apart.

They looked unusual and appeared to have a broken yellow stripe down the back, breeding these together produces striped/abberrant offspring.


We have a pair from this line and look forward to breeding these in the future.